Case Submission


Agencies that require animal forensic DNA testing should contact the lab at the information below.  Fees can be discussed with the forensic scientist.  General research and private inquiries should contact

Colleen Doyle, PhD
Wildlife Forensic Scientist
Phone: (705) 748-1011 ext. 7687.
E-mail:  (Forensic inquiries only)


Samples can be shipped via courier or registered mail. The packaging should be sealed and signed by the investigator. If the samples are frozen, they should be shipped in a cooler with ice packs with the label “PLEASE KEEP FROZEN” clearly marked on the outside of the cooler. Other shipments may require double packaging to protect against shipping damage.

​The seals will be examined following transportation to ensure the package was intact during shipment. Samples submitted to the laboratory for analysis are signed in as evidence and placed in a secure evidence room. A case submission form must be sent with the samples. 

Case Submission Form – All Other Agencies(fill in PDF)
Case Submission Form – MNRF
Extra Sample Form


Samples can be shipped to the attention of the forensic scientist at the following address:

Trent University
DNA Loading Dock A
Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory
Natural Resources DNA Profiling & Forensic Centre
2140 East Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9L 1Z8

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