Based out of Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, the NRDPFC provides genetic testing to a variety of research and agricultural projects.  The facility also includes a dedicated wildlife forensic DNA laboratory that provides services for a number of national and international agencies.

Our qualified technicians can set up PCR’s using established protocols or optimize them to suit your needs.  The NRDPFC also provides genotyping and sequencing on our 48-capillary ABI 3730 DNA analyser.​

Environmental DNA or eDNA is DNA that is collected from a variety of environmental samples such as soil, seawater,snow or even air rather than directly sampled from an individual organism. As various organisms interact with the environment, DNA is expelled and accumulates in their surroundings.  

eDNA can be used to help identify different species in hard to sample places such as snow or water or to detect different…

Trent University and Peterborough Public Health have joined forces to participate in Ontario’s Wastewater Surveillance Initiative, aimed at identifying, managing and preventing potential COVID-19 outbreaks within the community.

Measuring COVID-19 indicators in wastewater could serve as an early warning sign for current outbreaks. Studies have shown that people infected with COVID-19 shed the virus in their stool, sometimes even before they become symptomatic.

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